Cashew Nuts Raw Of Sơn Thành

Cashew nuts raw of Sơn Thành Company mainly receives from Bình Phước region, where be prounded that one of the lands of cashew trees in Viet Nam and it can produce high quality products to meet the international standards of cashew nuts raw around the world.

Son Thanh cashew nuts has natural color such as pale blue, off-white, light brown, pink. Not entirely through color treatment.

  • Cashew nuts raw of Sơn Thành is harvested at the ripening stage, dried to a moisture content of <11%, and stored in a dry and cool place to make sure that it is hygiene and safety for users.
  • Cashew nuts raw of Sơn Thành is over the size of 17mm of screen.
  • The cashew nuts from the raw is always safe and hygienic (no appear of mold, no strange smell, no sour flavor (pH <7)).
  • Sơn Thành cashew nuts raw does not contain organic and inorganic matters.
  • Cashew nuts raw of Sơn Thành is on the top of best suppliers in Vietnam to sell the good products to consumers.