Cashew Flavor

Vietnam is known as a highest exporting cashew nuts volume in the world. Thus, base on this position, cashew nuts of Vietnam can not lack of healthy parts, delicious and in a suitable price products.

In Vietnam, cashew tree is grown in many provinces: Bình Dương, Bình Phước, Dak Nong, Dak Lak, Đồng Nai, Quãng Ngãi, Bình Thuận, Khánh Hòa, Bình Định … Each zone has different taste, different quality of cashew nuts. Therefore, recognizing a good product in a large range of Vietnam cashew nuts is not simple, especially for some people who do not eat cashew nuts in usually.

However, cashew nuts in high value mainly used to export to foreign countries and with people who live in European and American, recognizing a good or not good taste of cashew nuts is not difficult because they eat every day, they know how to evaluate a product, delicious or not delicious.

Base on the information above, and with my own experience, I am sure that Bình Phước cashew nuts in Vietnam is the best kind in the cashew nuts’ world

1. Shape And Size:

Cashew nuts of Bình Phước, Sơn Thành is a compact nuts, like a close-packed bread, the smaller grains the compact one and most of people usually like to eat smaller seeds, because a small seeds gives more dense and flavor than the big one. It is very easy to compare with Cambodia’s cashew. Sơn Thành cashew nuts is usually small, but very heavy.
The basic way to identifying Vietnam cashew nuts, cashew nuts in Vietnam is small but round seed and smooth surface, cashew nuts of other countries is usually bigger but there is always wrinkles along the seeds.

2. Color:

Sơn Thành cashew nuts is pale yellow, not white or milk color. This light yellow is like the color of concentration milk – the milk usually be used in milk-coffee. This color is throughout all of the nuts, not on the surface only and white inside, and it is roasted and in the other hands processed nuts are difficult to see it. 

3. Smell: 

Good nuts is always new, of course the old one also good, but obviously the old one is not as good as new one. Cashew nuts is processed and preserved under the good conditions brings the good flavor within 3 months after production date, it is fresh flavor and not rancidity.
Mùi ngon là mùi hàng mới, không hôi dầu.

4. Flavor :

When put the nuts into the mouth, first chewing, and first sign is not often give any taste, but chewing more then the nuts begins to crumble in the mouth, the taste begins to appear in a typical flavor, crispy, dry, not rancid & not have a strange smell like mold … feelings and you can capture all flavors of Sơn Thành cashew nuts.

5. Choose Sơn Thành cashew nuts, we choose the good nuts for yo:

If you do not have time to find and choose a good nuts as the expericences we mentioned above, you can choose Sơn Thành’s products – we are commitment that we always choose the best one for you.