Cashew Nuts: Vietnam Products Comparion With Other Countries

Consumers always want to know clearly about the origin of the products they buy, which one is better quality, healhier or as well in an acceptable price .

1. Cashew Nuts In The World (Except Vietnam One):

Cashew nuts in other countries is decrible under a big size, kidney shape but more round and curve than the seeds from Vietnam. We can see, it is round and stretch whole grain, light brown of the skin and it is milk-white or pale yellow.

Cashew nuts is harvested in crop season, dried and then roasted with salt in a certain rate. After roasting, skin inner is difficult to peel due to many wrinkles on the body. The seeds is less smell, slightly sour and less fat flavor than cashew nuts from Vietnam.

When splitting the cashew nuts, it can be seen that the seeds is not fulfill, white or milk white. With the shelled one, cashew nuts are usually non-crispy but when roasted again, cashew will return to crispy but not as the original.

Cashew nuts from some countries is cheaper and lower quality

2. Vietnam Cashew Nuts :

Vietnam cashew nuts is not a big size, typical kidney shape with the big round at the beginning and smaller to the ending, dark skin inner and nice pale ivory color

Cashew nuts is harvested in crop season also, the sun-dried until the moisture of products is 11% max. Do not use any soak or cleaning by any chemicals or detergent. Then, it will be roasted with salt. Depend on the kind of products, the temperater when roasting will bring a different flavor for each. Evey 10kg of raw cashew nuts will give 1 kg of seeds. After roasting, only tough to the nuts, the brown skin will be peel off and the seeds will be kept in crisp, aromatic, delicious, typical flavor and not rancidity

When splitting the nuts, you can see 2 sides fullfil, small seeds but it is heavy. The pale ivory color is cover the whole seeds and it is always uniform color. The roasted salt cashew nuts with brown skin is crispy longer than the peel off. However with the peel off, only re-roasting again then taste and flavor can be back. It is very convenience for using, enjoy and storing at home.

Because of the typical taste and quality of the grains, Vietnam now becomes a largest exporter country of cashew nuts in the world. By 2015, Vietnam had a market share of over 50% of the total global cashew trade value (about US $ 5 billion), and it was a year 10th of the world’s leading exporter and the price of Vietnam’s one is also higher than products of from other countries.

3. Mix Cashew:

Mix cashew is a kind of products that people mix Vietnam nuts with the one from other country in a certain rate. The shape and size of products will be presented under un-uniform and very easy to recongnize. The taste is also not typical and as well cheaper than Vietnam cashew nuts only

4. Strange Cashew Nuts – Unclear Origin Kind

Strange cashew nuts is a kind is soaked in chemicals, then the seeds is big, white, nice color and also heavy. However, when we eat, it is very bad, soft, not delicious and completely white whole grains. With the old one – stored in a long time, usually people use additive to last the death time of products, therefore eating slowly and we can feel the rancidity, sore throat and harmful to your health. You can check and see that the price of this kind of products is cheaper

5. In Conclusion:

Depending on the needs, you can choose the good products in an acceptable price and Sơn Thành cashew is know and be proved that we are on the top companies to serve you good quality seeds in a many years.