Benefits Of Cashew

1. For Adults, Patients:

Good blood pressure control, good for the heart. Cashew kernels are rich in oleic acid, which helps to improve cardiovascular disease and reduces triglyceride levels in blood. In addition, magnesium in cashew nuts can help reduce blood pressure as well prevent high blood pressure – heart attack. Coronary artery disease and cardiovascular risk can be reduced by regularly eating cashew nuts because it is low cholesterol and give antioxidants to the body

– Cancer chemopreventive agent – Cashew nuts also provide antioxidant ingredients such as selenium, vitamin E, anti-aging, reduce the risk of cancer.
– Hair and skin care: Cashew nuts is rich in copper content – an important constituent of tyrosinase. This enzyme converts the tyrosin into melanin – producing pigments in the hair and skin.
– Good for the nerves: Studies showed that magnesium in the nuts helps to reduce the frequency of migraine attacks, reduces blood pressure and helps prevent heart attacks. Conversely, magnesium deficiency in the body can causes high blood pressure, muscle strain and fatigue.
– Good for bone health: Cashews also contain magnesium – an additional mineral and combined with calcium to replicate the bone. In addition, copper in cashew nuts provides flexibility for bones and joints.
-Improving brain function: Cashew kernels that help boost oxygenation to the brain play an important role in improving memory, which is due to the fact that unsaturated fats affect the production of brain cells. The great thing is that the nuts are high in both types of fat.
– Lose weight: People who eat cashew 2 times a week tend to avoid obesity. About 75% of the fat contained in cashew nuts is unsaturated fat – a good fat for the body.

In addition, cashew nuts contain large amounts of fiber. Good fat in cashew nuts can help you lose weight and still provide plenty of energy for your body. Cashews also help to facilitate the metabolism of the body.
Preventing gallstones: Studies showed that women who eat at least once a week, such as cashew nuts, are at risk for gallstones less than 25%

– Support the body’s metabolic function, stimulate the release of energy, improve health for patients, depression, lack of substances improve anemia.

2. For Children, Grenancy And Baby:

Promotes fetal development and helps children grow faster, boosting human immunity and increasing disease resistance.
– A nutritious diet is very important to pregnant mothers, because nuts like cashew nuts are extremely rich in vitamins and nutrients that are essential for the body during pregnancy.