Sơn Thành Production Trading Import and Export Joint Stock Company

“Bring local to global”

Within 30 years of experience in the cashew nuts industry, Sơn Thành Production Trading Import and Export Joint Stock Company is confident of being one of the reliable cashew nuts supplier of customers and partners.

  • 1.Mission and Vision

    Base on experience about the cashew market and the passion of cashew nuts Binh Phuoc, Sơn Thành is striving to become the leading company in the country in terms of high volume and quality products. Then, Sơn Thành will bring Bình Phước cashew nuts brand closer to the international market.
    In order to prove its vision, the executive board of the Sơn Thành Company always tries to strengthen human resources development and invest on the infrastructure to improve the quality of products. Then provides sustainable benefits for employees, customers and partners.

    2.Business principles

    Reciprocity :
    Reciprocity is a principles throughout the business life of Sơn Thành. We understand that when I make a profit, you make a profit that will create a strong relationship, cohesion and fair competition.

    Stable quality of product:
    Clients are increasingly careful when choosing a products. They are willing to spend a higher amount of money to buy a quality product that is safe for their health and their relatives’. Therefore, Sơn Thành thoroughly thought that everything the company made today should be better than yesterday, whatever it is the first time or how many time the product is chosen.

    That is the reason why Sơn Thành always focuses on testing and packaging. Each product is periodically censored to international standards, encrypted and disclosed origin information.

    Reasonable price:
    Sơn Thành would like cashew nuts can be more popular in the world. That requires us to find a solution on the big issue – cost & price. How for customers can get high quality products in a cheaper prices while we still ensure financial resources for long-term operation of the company? The most convincing answer is improving labor productivity and cost savings by applying technical advances, reducing labor costs and production time.

With the warm heart to cashew tree in Bình Phước, Sơn Thành wishes to contribute a part of his effort to build the market, brings good values to the society through the cashew nuts in particular and the agricultural products in general.

Sơn Thành Production Trading Import and Export Joint Stock Company
* Head ofice Bình Phước: Tel: +84 271 3879 517 – Fax: +84 271 3884 739
* Presentative office in Hồ Chí Minh: +8428 3991 8639 – Fax: +8428 3991 863
Email: info@sonthanh.net

In recent years, Sơn Thành Production Trading Import and Export Joint Stock Company has made a great changing in terms of scale, thus requiring the company to invest more processing facilities as well as effective human resources. Starting from a small business unit, then moving to a form of business as a private and limited liability company, we are deeply in investment and then the company developing into an production trading import and export joint stock company in highly effective business strategies to meet the needs of our customers better day by day. The new form of operation brings to us sufficient human and financial resources to sustain and develop company. Passing 30 years of operation and always putting the interests of customers on the top, we understand that liability of customers is the key of successful and hope that will be continued to get the attentions and supports from customers as well investors.

A visionless business would be like a jungle without a compass, walking in the sea without a chart.


+ Building and devoplop the brand name Bình Phước cashew as a strong brand, prestige in the country and abroad.
+ - Bring benefits to customers, shareholders, employees.
+ Contribute to create a young, dynamic, professional and knowledgeable labor force, creating abundant human resources to push the company become more prosperous and stable development.
+ - Striving to become a large-scale company with agricultural products not only in the country but also internationally.


+ Our business is really interested and brings benefit to our employees
+ Expand production scale, invest more in equipment as well as human resources for sustainable development.
+ Striving to become a large-scale agricultural products company in the country and internationally.

 “Friendly & professional services to customers and partners

Closing, listening and understanding colleagues

Together for better building society

Fulfill responsibility, contribute on creating a strong & develop country”


“Reciprocity - Both sides benefit": that is the first principle we offer. We have profitable together will create a strong and cohesive relationship, and fair competition. Focus on our clients: always think of customers and get along with customers - “The customers are always right”.

We offer stable quality:

“Today is better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow”, is a maxim used completely in testing and developing products whatever it is the first time or how many time the product is chosen, the quality of goods have to get better. Thus, testing and developing products are always manufactured under strictly control everyday. All products are encrypted and disclosed origin information.

Food safety

The health of our customers is specially emphasized by our company:

  • The company's products are sent for routine nutritional testing.
  • The processing steps must ensure food hygiene and safety.
  • To comply with the requirements of recognized international standards.

    Reasonable price:
    On the price, the company is always operating on the principle of "Every day a cheaper." Despite can not find a cheaper source nowadays, the company invests on developing productivity and cost savings by applying science and technology advanced to bring high economic efficiency into the production to reduce the cost of products, improve capacity . In addition, the company applies advanced technology in all steps to minimize costs and avoid waste of time.

“Peaceful land attracts birds" proverb from the ancients is still proved and using today. The company always has incentives for talents. If you are talented, you will always be welcome. The development of the company always gets along with the development quality of life for employees at the same time.
In addition, the enrich knowledge and skills for employees is always respected by executive board of the company.
The spirit of the employees is also very important, we are appreciate to the feelings of people are mounted, increasingly closer together. This is the reason for the parties, the collective travels and socializings with friends.

“Help them to help us”

Not only for purpose of proving successful story, the company just wants to contribute a little to the government and society to help people who have difficulty under the spirit of "The leaves protect tattered ones," then proved that we are always in a family Vietman. Do not be discouraged because we are always still there to willing help and build up our country together.
Moreover, social development, the life of everyone is also growing. That means the market is expanding, the consumtion is increase, the skill of human resources will be better, and it means "help people, help us", why not?