Cashew Nuts Processing Line

The processing line of Sơn Thành cashew nuts has being applied during 20 years of operation:

1 . Receive raw material

All raw cashew nuts batches have to check carefully before imput and store in the stocks if they meet the standards. It means that Sơn Thành can sure for source of the seeds and prevent of using un-safe nuts.
There are some steps in which:

– Check the documents and dossiers of the batch, we only receive cashew nuts batch if it is enough information to trace source and safety.

– Test the physical characteristics: color, smell, taste and flavor

– Test moisture of raw material

Hạt Điều Thô Sơn Thành

2. Sun-dried and storing:

After receving, cashew nuts will be sun-dried on the clean floor until its moisture gets 11% max, the nuts will be packaged and stored lot by lot in a dry and cool place to avoid of any damage, bacteria and molds .

3. Size and grading

Sơn Thành company will divide cashew nuts raw material into some classes such as A, B, C, D … It is easy for us in next steps of removing shell or other impurities, each kind of nuts will be bag and keep in a right place.

4. Steam cooking:

Raw cashew nuts in shell are steamed to soften the shells and it is easy to to be cracked and shelled.

5. Cashew nut cracking & shelling

The workers, tools and equiments, plant in this steps have to be ensure that they are clean, healthy and hygiene. Cashew nuts will be cracked and shelled by special knife to keep the shape of the nuts and improve products quality.

6. Roasting :

Roasted cashew kenels have a beautiful appearance and good flavor. In the roasting process, cashew kernels are heated evenly in high temperature and they would not stick on the inner wall and kill bacteria. Cashew nut is heating in 11 ± 2 hours and after roasting, cashew nuts are put into buckets and transferred to next step directy on conveyor .

7. Pelling :

The red or brown skin of each cashew kernel is removed at pelling step, after pelling cashew nuts will present as white color and like a kidney shape.