1. Stable quality of product:

"Today is better than yesterday" is a maxim that Sơn Thành applied thoroughly in the testing and developing of quality of product from the first days.

Goods is manufactured under the strictly control and storing contidions. All products are encrypted, knowing the origin and origin of shipments.

2. Food safety

The health of our customers is specially emphasized by our company:

  • The company's products are sent for routine nutritional testing.
  • The processing steps must ensure food hygiene and safety.
  • To comply with the requirements of recognized international standards.

    3.  Reasonable price:

With the desire to sell quality products at lower cost, the company always researches and applies advanced scientific and technical technologies in order to improve capacity, optimize all activities related to the final products and cost savings.

4. Human resources:

"Peaceful land attracts birds" proverb from the ancients is still proved and using today.

The company always has incentives for talents. If you are talented, you will always be welcome.

The development of the company always gets along with the development quality of life for employees at the same time.

In addition, the enrich knowledge and skills for employees is always respected by executive board of the company.

The spirit of the employees is also very important, we are appreciate to the feelings of people are mounted, increasingly closer together. This is the reason for the parties, the collective travels and socializings with friends