Sơn Thành Production Trading Import and Export Joint Stock Company
“Bring local to global”

    1. About Sơn Thành/ About us 
      In recent years, Sơn Thành Production Trading Import and Export Joint Stock Company has made a great changing in terms of scale, thus requiring the company to invest more processing facilities as well as effective human resources. Starting from a small business unit, then moving to a form of business as a private and limited liability company, we are deeply in investment and then the company developing into a production trading import and export joint stock company with highly effective business strategies to meet the needs of our customers better day by day. The new form of operation brings to us sufficient human and financial resources to sustain and develop company. Passing 30 years of operation and always putting the interests of customers on the top, we understand that the believe of customers is the key of successful and hope that will be continued to get the attentions and supports from customers as well investors.

    2. Mission and Vision
      + Develop and honor the brand name Binh Phuoc cashew as a strong brand, prestige in the country and abroad.
      + Bring benefits to customers, shareholders, employees.
      + Contribute to create a young, dynamic, professional and knowledgeable labor force, creating abundant human resources to push the company become more prosperous and stable development.
      + Striving to become a large-scale company with agricultural products not only in the country but also internationally.

      + Our business is really interested and brings benefit to our employees
      + Expand production scale, invest more in equipment as well as human resources for sustainable development.
      + Striving to become a large-scale agricultural products company in the country and internationally.

      Our Pillars:
      + Building and maintaining the belief based on credibility and authenticity of the company to the people involved, direct and indirect impact on the company.